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Bearing in mind the challenges offered by the time we live in, which makes the world globalized, a question comes to light: is there any possibility of positive response that privileges intersubjectivity contained in the concept of struggle for recognition, preserving and adding the individual biographies within a society based in solidarity which has the plurality as a principle, thereby making the world a place where people can live more equitably? This paper seeks to point ways to make this answer in the affirmative. In the course of this research questions appear to us the development of the subject of the objective sphere to the effective sphere and absolute, in the Hegelian theory. Also: how are public, private and legal dimensions formed? How can it be made possible to free people´s will to materialize as a contract?
The resource material to answer to answer those questions were Hegelian texts: Realphilosophy, the System of Ethics and the Phenomenology of Spirit. The role of Struggle for Recognition by Axel Honneth will be to update the concept of recognition, through the expanding of intersubjectivity also within the state´s sphere.


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